Thursday, November 24, 2011

i can't believe i forgot!!

i totally forgot to post yesterday!!! aaaah!!  but i am here now, and i have such a fun thing to post!!  mini pumpkin pies!! i made these for carson's 1st grade class.  they were a HUGE hit!! i saw kids shoving the whole pie in their mouths.  this is no special recipe.  it's the one off the label of the pumpkin can!!  the crust i used was one i haven't used for any of my pies before, but it will be now!!  it is pate brisee (patay brizay)  it's an all butter crust.  it is so flaky and tasty.  i do add more sugar than is called for, that is the only way i'll eat the crust.   anyway, i made the pate brisee for a 2 crust pie and rolled it out (the recipe can be found anywhere on the internet).  i then used a 3 inch cookie cutter and cut out my circles.

from there, i put the circle of dough into my muffin tin and pressed very gently down.  then i poured in my filling.  i baked at 450 for 10 minutes then turned it down to 350 and baked for 10 more minutes.  so easy!!  this made 48 mini pumpkin pies.  i did make more of these last night, but a little bit bigger.  i used a 4 inch cookie cutter instead and the crust came up to the top of the muffin cup.  this way, i made 24 mini pumpkin pies.  these are seriously so much fun!!!  at our thanksgiving, we'll have about 4 children under 7 and these are a perfect portion!!

i  am planning to post the pencil skirt later today when we get home from our thanksgiving dinner!!! 
i also wanted to mention a few things i am thankful for:  my home, husband, children and my friends here in lubbock that we get to spend time with today and every day!! i also am thankful for the canadian geese that fly over our apartments at all times of the day during this time of year!! (seriously, i love them) it is such a wonderful sound and sight!! ( i also love that my kids love them too!!!)
have a very wonderfully fantastic thanksgiving!!! see you later today!!

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