Thursday, November 3, 2011

hat fancies!!

last winter, i was at tj maxx, for i don't remember.  a really cute hat caught my eye on my way out.  it doesn't look that great on me, but i love it.  it reminds me of a hat from the 1940's.  it was only $5 so i bought it.  it's kind of plain. at first, i would just wrap a thick black ribbon around it and secure it with a safety pin from the inside.  that got old quick and i wanted to add some color to it.  here is my first hat fancy.  i like it.  i wear yellow a lot.  i just got a new coat that is yellow, so now i can coordinate better (hopefully, i'm not that great at matching clothes and accessories).  i hand sewed eighteen buttons together (i already had them of course).  then i took my gray jersey sheet scraps and cut them into three smallish strips, i'm not sure how long they were, this was kind of on a whim/last minute before i went out.  i braided those smallish strips and threaded them throught the sewn buttons and wrapped them around my hat and tied them in a knot.  i guess i could've sewn the ends together, but i haven't yet.  and that's it!!  i've also worn it as a regular head band.  but i love it on my hat!!  i keep talking about getting more hats, but my husband hates this hat and he says no more hats for me.....we'll see.
                                                                       i also have some peacock feathers that went missing a while ago, but they have been found and are dying to be used for another hat fancy along with a mother of pearl button.  yay!! happy november!!

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