Sunday, November 13, 2011

Monogram Twine Wrapped Letter

I've been on a door hanger craze lately. 
3 in just a few weeks!
But this one is SO cute.

You will need:
-a monogram letter
-glue gun

First wrap the monogram letter with the twine. If you want to see a tutorial to how to wrap a monogram letter you can find it HERE

Cute two pieces of fabric to the length you'd like. Then you can either sew the sides together or glue. I glued mine!

Glue the ends to the monogram and tie a bow at the top

Now for the flower:
Cut out 10 large circles (it doesn't have to be a perfect circle)
Cut out 8 smaller circles.
Fold each circle in half then in half again then in half again.
Glue each piece onto a piece of felt.
Adjust each piece to your liking

Glue your flower to your twine wrapped monogram

I made this one for my sister-in-law Laine. I think I'm going to have to make this for myself =)

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  1. I am making a "W" wall and was needing a new idea for a few of the w's. I am going to make this! Thanks!