Tuesday, November 15, 2011

easy and casual napkin/place settings for thanksgiving {or whenever!!}

i saw this idea on the katie brown workshop on the create channel.  she did a no sew version.  however, the iron on sticky stuff is more expensive than the thread i already had, so i sewed mine.  it's easy either way.  these seriously took me 5 minutes each, maybe less!!  also, you could use any sturdy material other than denim with equal cuteness, i just happened to have quite a few pair of denim jeans that were in the goodwill pile.  i did not measure how big this denim napkin/place setting was, it's not my way.  i just made sure it was big enough for my knife.  this is how i threw these together:  cut some denim into a square, and sew the edges (seam allowance for how big you want your fray to be).  next, cut a small rectangle for the pocket that holds the silverware.  mine is roughly 3" x4".  sew it onto your denim square. make sure you sew it so the knife doesn't come above the top of the napkin.  you're done!!  you could put them in the dryer for a few minutes to get the frayed look.

i put my napkin/place setting rolled up inside of a mason jar for the following reasons:
i pictured myself hosting thanksgiving (which i'm not) and i thought of doing it buffet style.  how easy would it be for your guests if their drinkware, napkin and utensils were all right there in one place, maybe even with name tags? how easy and thoughtful!! and you won't be worried about wiping your kids thanksgiving faces with a denim napkin!!  i love drinking out of goblets on thanksgiving and such holidays, but i have to face it: i'm really just a casual girl.  a thanksgiving with denim napkins and mason jars full of cider (or pumpkin juice *wink*) would be oh so comforting. don't you think?

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