Friday, November 11, 2011

pleated scarf!!!

i made this fantabulous scarf earlier in the year.  once again, i had everything i needed.  it was super easy, but  a little bit time consuming. it's sooooo warm and it doesn't make me itchy scratchy. here is the link to the site where i followed the tutorial.  for my scarf i used a leftover navy blue flat jersey sheet that we never put on our oldest sons bed.  i absolutely love the way it turned out!! head on over there and check it out!!  i need to give it a tumble in the dryer. . . it looks a little flat. (it's been in our winter wardrobe box) anyway, tending to this munchkin takes some time away from crafts and cleaning (oh no!! not that!!) but i love it. . . maybe it's time to have another one of my own. . . enjoy the scarf and try one of your own!!!

p.s. coming up from me on tuesday is a fun and casual way to make your own napkins plus utensils at thanksgiving dinner!!!

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