Saturday, November 19, 2011

the easiest pj pants ever!! seriously...

every year, i get my boys new pjs to open on christmas eve.  i love me some cute boy pjs.  however, they are crazy expensive.  this year we just don't have enough money to spend $20 on new pjs.  soooo, i found the easiest pj tutorial on the internet.  i seriously can't believe how easy it was to make these, about 20-30 minutes per pair.  i, once again, used my gray flat sheet that i have previously used for 2 scarves (one is mia) 2 large gathered pillow cases and now 2 pair of pj pants, and there is still more fabric leftover!!  i turned nicely fitting pj pants inside-out and folded them to get the right size.  when i cut them out, i added about 2 inches to the top for the casing of the elastic, and would have added 2 inches to the bottom of the pants but i used the finished edge of the sheet instead!! one less step to do!! i cut my 2 pattern pieces (one piece for each leg) on the fold, so i only have an inseam, and no seam on the outside of the legs.  i sewed up the inside of the legs to the crotch (inside-out, of course), then lined up the fabric from front to back (belly button to booty crack) and and sewed, i didn't even use pins on these pants!! awww yeeeah!!  i also double stitched everything.  then i cut my elastic to get the right size, folded the top down twice to get the right size for the casing, then sewed around the waist, leaving an opening for the elastic to enter and exit.  i threaded the elastic through with a safety pin, then sewed my elastic together, then sewed the casing closed.  that's it!!  i don't have any pictures, i was trying to go as fast as i could before the baby i babysit woke up!! it worked! i got both done in way less than an hour.  now all i need are shirts to go with them.  walmart has shirts for $2-3.  we are also planning to do some freezer paper stencils on them, though we're not quite sure what we want on them yet.  the boys love them and keep begging for me to just let them have them before christmas because they're sooo comfy!! i love it!!  to see the full tutorioal go here.

p.s. coming up next week from me is a skirt tutorial, mini pumpkin pies for my sons class, and possibly a giveaway!!!! stay tuned....

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