Tuesday, October 18, 2011

mmmm....soda floats...

this is not a craft. (we cleaned on saturday and i couldn't stand to think of a new huge sewing mess) this is time well spent with my first grader over one of my favorite treats of all time.  the other day, my husband surprised me and brought me my favorite soda: Jones Green Apple Soda.  in high school, my room was littered with these bottles, all green apple flavored.  i loved to make these into floats.  sooooo good.  the sour of the apple and the sweet of the vanilla ice cream.  mmmmmm.  so when jonathan brought these home for me, i also asked him to get vanilla ice cream the next time he ventured to the store.  i did not touch the soda until i had the ice cream.  i had been telling my oldest, carson about them all excited, he acted like he didn't care.  so i forced it on him last night (monday).  cody was asleep and jonathan is not interested.  carson loved them.  it helps that they are bright green (both of our favorite color) and are sooo good with their contrasting flavors.  mine was gone quickly, followed shortly by a stomach ache.  then carson told me he was too full to finish his and gave it to me....move over stomach ache!!!  no green apple float will go to waste!!  anyway, he was very satisfied with it and we got to spend some time together by ourselves, which was so nice.

something else we've been devouring that is also green:  green smoothies!!  we call them monster smoothies.  this is what i put in mine:  a bit of simply oj, 4 strawberries, 1 serving of lowfat yogurt, a huge handful of spinach, half a banana and oh, half a peach (i don't like ice in mine, since my blender won't blend it).  my kids love it, even though they see me put the spinach in it!! i've even dropped some pounds since i've started!!
you should try these yummy greenish treats for yourself!! one healthy, one not so healthy but equally delicious!!

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