Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Wreath

For some reason one of my obsessions lately has been wreaths. I don't know why but I love what they do to a home. They are so welcoming and fun. You can do so many different things with them! This last one I made was so easy and I love how it turned out.

Here is what you need:
foam ring: whatever size you want your wreath to be
tulle: I like to get the ones on a roll, makes it easier to cut. If you get the ones on a roll you will need 2 rolls depending on how full you want it. I chose black to make it be more Halloweeny =)
a couple pins

Step 1: Paint ring whatever color tulle you will be using

Step 2: Cut tulle into 22inch strips (you can make them longer or shorter if you'd like)

Step 3: fold tulle in half, around the ring pull the ends of the tulle through the middle. I know this picture is a little hard to see but it's the best I could do!!
Continue this step until the entire ring is covered and you have made your wreath as full as you'd like

Step 4: Cut a long strip of ribbon. Put it through the wreath at the top and pin it in place. Tie the ribbon about 3 inches from the top then tie it again at the very top. This will leave a ring in the ribbon so you can hang it nicely.

Step 5: Use your ribbon to make a basic bow. I like to use the wired ribbon for this since it is more flexible and will do what I want!

Step 6. Pin bow on top of other ribbon on the front of the wreath.

And here you have it!

You can use whatever color tulle and ribbon and make it for any Holiday or just because =) I do like my Halloween stuff spooky but I think I like fancy more!!


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  1. Sp simple to make, yet makes a dramatic effect. Love it!