Saturday, October 22, 2011

christmas present #1

ok, i couldn't stand it.  i had to post one of the christmas presents i made. this one is for my sister, tiffany.  i saw this quote (not exactly this quote, but similar) it originally said ..."without a sister" but there are 3 of us sisters, so i changed it to sisters.  this is how i made it:

i had a 16x20 canvas, brown paint, white paint, black paint, and stencils from lowe's ($3). i painted the whole canvas a cream color, with brown and white paint mixed. then i positioned the stencils how i wanted them and painted with the black. after it was dry, i brushed on a darker cream color (it looks brown in this picture) over the top of the whole thing.  i quite like it!!  i am finishing it with a frame from hobby lobby that has not been purchased yet.  it's a barnwood frame.  it's awesome.  and that is one present down for this christmas so far!!  more coming up!! happy saturday!!!

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