Sunday, October 30, 2011


i was going to save this for november, but since we are only a couple days away and since i've already worn it quite a few's time to share!!  i saw the inspiration scarf on pinterest.  when i took a closer look, i realized the scarf was crocheted, which is fine, i know how to crochet.  but, i didn't have the right sized hook or the yarn or the money to buy those things, even though they are relatively cheap.  i was soooo sad.  but upon further contemplation, a second realization came to light:  i don't like yarn around my neck, it's itchy. but i do like jersey...which i have plenty of!! i just needed a little bit of quilt batting, not a lot, but just enough to keep me warm, and i could make my own version of this cute scarf!!  thanks to my hoarding all things crafty tendencies, i found everything i needed in one of my many fabric/craft boxes!!  i got to work!

this is the original scarf that i love!!

and here's how i made my version of this scarf:

i grabbed a piece of jersey fabric that was lyin' around.  it was 23" long, 9" wide on one end and 7" wide on the other end. (the bigger end is where the button holes go) i found a piece of leftover quilt batting that was just slightly smaller.  ok, so i did two scarves.  one is blue and one is gray.  the blue one i did with unfinished edges, meaning i sewed the scarf wrong sides together.  i like the way the jersey rolls up around the edges.  the gray one is the opposite, sewn right sides together then turned right side out.  i like the gray one better.  it goes with everything. 

then i pinned my fabric and batting together.  sewed it up good with two rows of stitches.

now it's time for the button holes.  i have a very random assortment of buttons collected by my grandmother (?) possibly my mother and a dead lady that was having a garage sale.  i chose 3 that were similar but not the same and marked their sizes onto my scarf.  i marked top, bottom, and sides so i would know where to do my button holes.
next, i cut open my button holes and slid the buttons through a few times to make sure they fit snugly.
then, i wrapped the scarf around my neck and marked through the button holes with a pen, where my buttons would be sewn. (no picture, sorry)  i sewed on the buttons and there i was, with a new scarf!

and there you have it.  i'm not very good at explaining leave a comment if you need me to clarify anything!!
p.s. i only have 1 more book to go in the soul screamers series...i seriously like.  super fast read, intense and i believe there are two more that haven't come out yet...yes i have a reading addiction.

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