Friday, October 14, 2011

caramel apple chocolate covered cake pops!! oh yeah!!!

hello again!!! welcome back!! ever since i heard of cake pops, i have been all over that situation.  they are so fun and easy to make. they are a bit time consuming,so i like to read a book whilst making them or cleaning, i guess would be good too.  i had an epiphany while drifting to sleep one night...caramel apple cake pops, covered in chocolate and sprinkles....oh yeah.  i love regular caramel apples, but i find them somewhat bothersome to eat.  this is my version of regular caramel apples:  1 white cake mix, 2 apples, apple flavoring (hobby lobby, joanns, michaels), 1 can frosting, 1 pkg individually wrapped caramels, dipping chocolate or regular chocolate chips and add a bit of veg. oil, either lollipop sticks or some other type of stick.  i used skewer sticks because my walmart was out of lollipop sticks and the corn skewers were 50 for $1.  so, here we go!
peel and core apples.  slice them then stick them in a food processor.  make cake according to directions on pkg, but add your apples and the apple flavoring. (i added both! it comes in a pkg of 2)  i wanted them to be really apple-y.  bake according to pkg.  let cool.  now crumble.  this is a good spot to let your kids join in!  make sure they wash their hands (don't take their word for it, mine always say they did, but their hands and fingernails tell a different story)
now that the cake is all crumbled, i do this in the same pan as it was baked in, btw, it's time to add the frosting and melted caramel. i used a whole pkg of caramels.  for this recipe, please do not add all the frosting, if you wanted, you could even omit the frosting and just add the melted caramel to it!! now the pictures will tell the rest of the story...

 so, after dipping the cake pop in chocolate, let it drip for a minute, otherwise you will have a big chocolaty mess.  apply sprinkles by shaking them on, not dipping.  then, place it upright, into a cardboard cake pop stabbing apparatus that will hold them up. let them set for a minute or two, or whenever you are finished stabbing them all in the apparatus, then put them in the fridge.  they are best cold. (in my opinion)
                                           then you are done and it is time to consume them :)

they are not quite the same as caramel apples, but they are sure tasty!! and the caramel is just delightful!!
my boys helped me with these (and the above picture) and though, at times it is frustrating that they don't do it exactly how i tell them (as shown in the above picture), i love to see them really try hard, 'cause they want to eat them so badly!!  they LOVED the cake pop covered in candy corns!!
if i am making these for someone i like to individually wrap them. you can get little bags and ties in the cake section of walmart, joanns, hobby lobby, or michaels. don't for get your coupon!!

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