Thursday, October 20, 2011

Canvas Key Holder

I have a problem losing my keys. I never set them down in the same place and can never find what I did with them when I need to leave. It has made me late for work many times and it is so frustrating!!! I wanted something by my garage door to hold my keys but I wanted something cute too of course =)

So with a little fabric, staples, hooks, and a artist canvas I made a fun decorative key holder.

First, pick a canvas size (I chose 9x12) then cut the fabric so it will wrap around each side of the canvas.

Second, staple the fabric on each side and pull the fabric tight each time.

Third, screw the hooks onto the bottom of the canvas. It is very easy to do since you will only be screwing through the fabric and canvas. I just used my hands.

Fourth, hang it on the wall. And there you have it, a pretty key holder!

I was also thinking of cutting out the word keys and gluing it on the fabric. What do you think??


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